Saturday, September 27, 2008

night of the living grouch

with what happened i can make oscar the grouch a tamed monster.

so here's what happened thursday night.

1. we went to sta lucia to pick up my digicam which was repaired due to lens error. it was gently hit on a table when i was using it in our seminar about a couple of weeks ago. so when i picked it up i tested it right at the store to see if it's already ok. as i was taking pictures i noticed that while at shoot mode, the pictures appear to be too bright and so i showed it to the technical personnel of the store and he just reset it to default settings. i tried it out again and it still has the same result so i thought it was just because of the store's lighting which was too bright. i decided to just try it out in the morning when there is natural light. i tried it out again at home and the results are still the same. i get the same over exposed pictures. to make the matters worse, even the pictures i took in the morning has that same picture quality. damn, off to the dissecting table this f*cking camera goes again.

2. we ate at chowking to fill up our grumbling stomachs. i ordered spare ribs with large iced tea separately. my bill was P104. my friend ordered the same for only P75. what the hell? we ordered exactly the same and yet was billed differently? i "almost" argued with the cashier and she said that it was because i ordered it separately while my friend ordered what they call "sarap meal or tipid meal" i forgot what it was called. the hell with that store when i looked out for that tipid meal in their menu it was posted at the side of the wall where it was quite difficult to see and not to mention the size of it which was just about like an index card. i asked if it cannot be refunded and my argument was futile. and so very calmly i went back to our table and tried my best not to make a scandal out of that incident. why, it is their responsibility to ask me if i just want to order their tipid meal since i ordered the same food as that of their promo, right? we left that store with me having a disgruntled face swearing not to eat in that fastfood again. ever.

3. the skies must have been upset too when we left. it was raining really hard. good thing i have my good ol' folding umbrella in my bag. but it proved no match to the sudden strong downpour when i was in the middle of my way home. when i reached the tricycle terminal the rain was at its fiercest. i was drenching wet in the waiting shed and the worse scenario was that there were too many passengers and a very few tricycles. and so when a tricycle parked right in front of me i immediately jumped at the back seat. so just imagine how wet i was when i got home. drenching wet, my shoes filled with water and i was able to literally squeeze out water from my socks. geeez. i used half a bottle of alcohol so sanitize my feet. lol.

gahd, hopefully this day's gonna be a lot better. in fact, ANY DAY is a lot better than this.

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