Thursday, September 25, 2008

new blog. new world.

so... blog hibernating season is over for me now. i made a new blog out of intent of doing some wisecracking in the native tongue. hope you guys visiting here, if any, would check it out too. and to those asking me through my shoutbox to add them up in my list, pls message me back through this blog or through my shoutbox so that i can add you up there. my shoutbox seems to be bonked out and i can't get to see the older messages to find the links. sorry for that.

anyway, with the "ber" season almost sinking in in my system already, hopefully blogging will be too. so many thoughts have been popping in and out of my oatmeal brain that i can't even remember what to blog about when i feel like blogging. weird.

see you at my other niche!


krishA said...

I think everyone goes through that phase hehe. I didn't blog for 2 months and now im baaack again.

denz d menz said...

yes right now i feel like deleting my blogs but then there's a part of me saying you'll get used to it. haha

Ishna Probinsyana said...

tssss. nosebleed. dun na lang ako sa kabila! LOL

denz d menz said...

aysus. maniwala. hahaha