Saturday, August 23, 2008

my new baby

so after years of drooling, dreaming and writing letters to santa claus, i finally got myself a digicam. yes, i'm that very easy to please. it's a casio exilim z9 black camera. well it's a decent one i think... i won't bother buying myself a dslr like the ones my friends have. damn for a cheapo like me it costs a fortune already! well what are friends for if they won't lend it to me right? lol.

so anyway, here it is. click here for the specs.

wondering what will i call my new baby?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

on forgiveness

the Lord was asked how many times we should forgive and He said, "seventy times seven."

forgiving is perhaps one of the most difficult and noble thing to do. it is hard especially when one is being ruled out by his pride, rather than compassion and humility.

forgiveness is without conditions. otherwise it is not sincere at all. it is forgiveness of the mouth and not by heart and mind. what's the essence of forgiving when you can't let go of the grudges?

forgiveness means readiness to accept those who have wronged you whole-heartedly, giving out a fresh chance to everyone.

learn to forgive with all your heart. if the Lord can forgive us no matter how grave our wrongdoings may have been, what more for us humans? remember all the good things about that person to help ease out whatever negative feeling you have for them. after all, it is with a forgiving heart that we can see the good in everyone in this imperfect world.