Saturday, October 18, 2008

mobile passporting - another stressful yet successful event

*breathes out a good long sigh of relief*

after more than a month of intense preparations, our quarterly mobile passporting is finally over. this mobile passporting is held regularly on a quarterly basis to cater the passporting needs of marikina residents and people of neighboring towns.

being the coordinator of this project, i felt like the whole pressure is on me. even though i have a team working with me, of course i feel liable for any major mistake they might commit. thankfully, there's none. a few problems arise every now and then and honestly, i never really expected i would be able to solve them myself. it really helps to believe in yourself and your capabilities. and of course with your team.

starting from coordinating with the DFA, (good thing my DFA counterpart jasor is about the same age as i and so there's no need for some formalities you have to give to senior coordinators, and so working with him is a breeze) to preparing the necessary papers (voucher for foods, etc.), to checking passport applications and being the "last line of defense"... the whole thing is indeed a herculean task.

and so today the mobile passporting was held. i was filled with mixed emotions. and i was soooooooo busy running around like hell to even remember these feelings. we started out at 9 am and finished at about a little past 3. minor problems arose again but then i let the DFA people solve these.


i am now tired. so tired. i felt it when i sat down. the adrenaline rush that kept me moving in the morning subsided. i am even more tired to think. i declined my friend's invite to go malling. i just wanna go home and hit the sack early.

because tomorrow we'll be going to tagaytay with my friends. and i have to get up early.

come february and this event shall happen again. at least i'm already used to these kind of activities.


Ishna Probinsyana said...

Weee! Congrats Dennis my labs! hahaha! Pirata! Pirata! =))

denz d menz said...

wahahahaha!!! kung ano ang para sa kin dadating talaga yun. salamat!