Wednesday, June 11, 2008

school's cool

it's school time once again and i can't help but feel a little envy with the students coming back to school this year.

what i miss about school are the times when i get to buy my school stuff and check out my new books, share updates with my classmates and talk endlessly about our vacation.

time really runs rather way too fast. just imagine that in the next year we'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary of graduating from high school. i hope the concerned bodies take the initiative to organize reunions this time.

if i'd be asked which part of schooling would be my favorite? that'll have to be college. yeah. not because it registers the most recent memories but also because it's the time i experienced freedom. freedom to decide on my own on certain things. it was also during this time that i've met most of my friends. i've experienced so many "first times" during college and these make me solicit a smile whenever i get to reminisce these memories.

these made me prove what i was often been told about before, to enjoy my student life because once i graduated and started to have a career, i'd definitely miss school. why is it like that, when you're still studying, you're already eager to get a job, and when you are already working, you'd be wanting to go back to school? oh well...

my advice to students who's coming back to school this year, enjoy and savor every moment of being a student. yes, it is really exhausting but it's where you are groomed to be ready for the real world. establish good relationships as early as now, it will be helpful in the future. remember to balance your academic and social life. most important of all, study well. dunno how exactly to explain it, when i was a student, i used to let it in then out of the other ear. only to prove later on that every advice given to me was right.

been there. done that.


Ishna Probinsyana said...

I'm going back to school on Monday and I'm not excited! Haha. :))

denz d menz said...

nye. bat naman? hahaha! namimiss ko ang school.