Monday, June 2, 2008

26 thank you's

26 years ago at exactly 1:43 am at e. rodriguez sr. memorial hospital, an eager cry of a 7.9 lb new born child echoed through out the delivery room. i was born. my parents were both excited to see the latest addition to the family while i wailed endlessly maybe because of pain or maybe because i was taken away from my mom's womb which has been my abode for 40 weeks (yes, my birth certificate indicates i "overstayed" for another month). it was probably because of uncontainable joy that my dad even got my name from an old newspaper that was used as a smoked fish wrapper (i wonder what that pambalot ng tinapa was doing at the hospital). enough of the personal history. in my 26 years of existence in this earth, there are inumerable things to be grateful for, great and small, values, things, people, and events that has molded me or has somewhat contributed something significant in my life.

1. my mom, who took care of me since i started to have a heartbeat. all these heartbeats are pounds of love and gratitude i have for you and dad.

2. my dad, despite deriving my name from a pambalot ng tinapa, i know you sacrificed a lot into bringing me up to what i am right now.

3. my family, for always being there. there's nothing really that can be compared to a family's love and concern.

4. my 817,689,600+ seconds of existence. man, that's nearly a billion seconds of God's gift of life. now that's what i call a true "millionaire"

5. my happy childhood memories. my playmates, my yaya amy (yes i still remember her) i remember when she had a fight with our neighbor. she was crying so hard and the only consolation i gave her was to let her watch her idol romnick sarmieta in that's entertainment. to my childhood friends, some of whom i still get in touch with. missin' you all.

6. my education. i am fortunate enough to complete my studies considering a small percentage of the populace are able to finish through college. to my teachers who indefatigueably devoted their time and my classmates whom i shared so many memories with.

7. the simple luxuries in life that i am able to afford.

8. the meals that i eat 3 or more times a day. just imagine those who consider themselves lucky to have even two meals in a day.

9. the places i've been to. some of which i never thought i would be able to go to.

10. my job. again, imagine how many millions who are jobless. imagine those people who wished they were in the position that i am in now. because in the long run, it is not really the salary that matters but the satisfaction you get from doing your work.

11. my good health. it is never really my desire to get filthy rich as long as me and my family are of sound mind and body.

12. my friends, old and new. friends in its truest essence. friends who have sticked with me come hell or high water. they may be a few but they add bliss and ease up my life's journey. also to short-lived ones, for without them, i would never truly realize the value of the true ones. it's like finding a gem in a pile of rocks.

13. my knowledge and wisdom.

14. my natural compassion for others. i tend to befriend more those who are lowly, meek and humble. those whom i feel i could give more than i can receive. the satisfaction i get from knowing that i helped even a little is what i value more.

15. my sincerity in dealing with others. often misunderstood and misjudged by those who barely know me, still, i show my sincerest feelings. i'm not good in concealing how i truly feel and i deal with an honest heart. if there's one thing i dont envy with others, it's how some hide their "masks" too well.

16. the recognitions i received. these things that inspire me to believe more in myself despite being a pessimist at times. this only goes to show that i am somehow capable.

17. my gift of a funny bone. it gives me great elation whenever i see that i made someone laugh. it naturally comes out in me whenever i'm at ease with someone i'm talking with, and it goes non-stop sometimes.

18. the courage to face adversities. my natural belief that everything in life is a test. many times we will fall. many times we will be defeated. the will to go on will help you survive through. i know that when everyone fails me, the Lord will help and there's nothing more to expect but win.

19. my appreciation for the small beautiful things in life. i don't dwell to much on the thought of pursuing big things. as long as i am happy and contented with what i have, it is reason enough to be happy and thankful. of course it's natural to dream and desire, but sometimes having too much of these make one discontented on what blessing he already has.

20. the failures in life. this is where true friends shine through. where you discover your true strengths. where you recognize your God and your frailty as a human.

21. answered prayers. God is really good. sometimes when i dont get what i pray for, He always gives something way too much better.

22. my optimism. i find life beautiful in general. there are lots of hindrances and obstacles along the way but knowing everything will be fine at the end of the day is really something to look forward to.

23. my steadfast faith. i may not piously go to church every sunday but my belief and faith remains strong and unwavering.

24. my being forgiving. there are lots of times when the people you would least expect to hurt you would do so. yes, i really forget the wrongdoings done to me. a mere "sorry" or a small spontaneous talk is enough.

25. the people whom, in one way or another, i've made happy. my favorite adage goes "the best way to cheer yourself is to cheer somebody else up." nothing is more heartwarming than knowing you made someone's day, made somebody happy with a small deed from me.

26. the future. what the future holds is always something to look forward to. everyday is like a gift wrapped in a box, you never know what to get inside. i'm just hoping the future would be better than the past.

these are just a few things that i am thankful for. i am so blessed.

as i start on to my real "new year", there is nothing really to hope for but for a better life in general.


GODDESS said...

tama ba kung magha-happy birthday ako? hehehe!

just always remember, in the end it is not the years in our life that counts, but the life in our years (abangan mo yan sa next post ko) =)


denz d menz said...

hahaha tama ka jan goddess!!!