Saturday, June 7, 2008

the marikina valley forums

are you from marikina? do you love interacting in forums? then this news you've got to hear. the marikina valley forums is now up and running. discuss anything and everything marikina and meet up with your co-marikenyos as well.

i joined this forums months ago upon the invitation of mhel, a good friend of mine. i was a bit reluctant at first but after joining in, it proved to be one of a kind forum experience.

since we are all from marikina, setting an eyeball is never a problem. almost everyone is just a text away. in about an hour or so, everyone is already at the meeting place.

these guys are really awesome. whenever we are together there is non-stop laughter. we share common interests, discuss different opinions and other bonding stuff.

more power to marikina valley forums and to the people who continue to support its aims and goals!!!

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