Thursday, April 3, 2008

credit card dilemma

this dilemma of mine has been haunting me again. to apply or not for a credit card. many agents have been persuading me before to get one. and now that a good friend has become an agent also, it's really hard to decline. but still, despite all the sweet talks, i've been having second thoughts on getting a card.

i'm asking for opinions with those who have been using credit cards for a long time. every time i do so, i always get mixed opinions. some would say it's just a burden of paying endlessly with hidden charges and interests while others say it is useful especially on emergency purchases.

but what's the real score? i think credit cards will work either positively or negatively depending on the lifestyle of its user. of course if you are an impulsive buyer all you have to do is to swipe, swipe and swipe some more then suffer after you receive your bill. or you can be the careful consumer who keeps track of purchases using the plastic money. either way, it is indeed useful especially if you are not fond of bringing along some cash. as long as you spend not beyond your paying capability, and as long as you are responsible enough with your finances, credit cards will either make or break you.

i am really planning to enroll to a credit card to purchase a digital camera and nothing else. i was advised to close it immediately after i complete my payment. my fear of credit cards really lie on the reason of being made to pay hidden charges other than what i really am supposed to pay. most items indicate that you have to pay only a certain amount monthly on a 0% interest rate depending on your card and the item you will purchase. an additional interest rate shall be paid if you fail to pay on or before the due date indicated in your billing statement. (i hope i understood this right)

one of my officemates, when she failed to settle her bills, was bombarded with calls from the credit card company. she was "harassed" to the point that she would answer these calls shouting at the collecting agent. there was even a point when the agent would angrily demand from my boss to reprimand my officemate to make her pay her debts. my boss got so angry she called the credit card company back and talked to the supervisor to not involve other people when collecting payments from the person involved. i've answered several calls like these before and whenever i recognize the voice of the agent, i would hung up the phone without letting her finish her sentence. LOL.

i mean, why would i catch the bit**'s wrath when i have nothing to do with her business with my officemate, right? so whenever she calls, i hung up the phone immediately and inform my officemate of the aborted call. she started paying her debts immediately after the incident with my boss anyway.

if ever i get approved with my card application, (which by the way has a free kenneth cole wallet as a welcome gift) i would set aside part of my income to augment the money i will use to pay my balance. i would only purchase a digicam anyway. and i hope i can control myself from the temptations that come with having a credit card.

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