Monday, March 31, 2008

summer's here!

summertime is at its peak once again!
graduations, the scorching heat, outings... summer manifestations. for sure almost everyone is planning for some kind of a get away, be it out-of-town, out-of-the country or even somewhere near.

me and my friends are planning some trips this summer and hopefully everything will push through according to plan. but for the mean time, i just settled for an afternoon of swimming at the clubhouse of an adjacent subdivision to cool down. together with my cousins, we trooped to the ponteverde clubhouse last sunday to beat the heat.

as i expected there were lots of people there especially in the late afternoon where the sun is at its highest. i thought having too many people around sharing "my" pool is a drag but hey, it's an opportunity to socialize with my neighbors and yes i must admit, time runs fast when you're having fun!

wherever you're planning to go this season, just make sure you plan ahead of time, plan well and enjoy every minute of it!
clubhouse entrance

clubhouse office

poorly maintained tennis court

basketball court

early afternoon

late afternoon

munching the grass haha

walking back home

nice view isn't it?

dead meat.

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