Monday, March 24, 2008

what about blah-ging?

finally i was able to put something here. resurrected from oblivion. this "blog" has been untouched for eternity.

so what made me write something in here? well, aside from constant prodding from friends mhel and ishna, i thought i should somehow give this blogging thing a try.

i haven't been writing since college and i felt my vocabulary and writing skills has somewhat deteriorated. so i thought keeping a blog may give a solution to that problem.

at first i find blogging too boring to keep as a hobby, and i still do. you know, having to accessorize your page with lots of whatever-you-call-these-things just to show how well you're keeping a blog. i hate looking at web pages with too many links, too many unnecessary add-ons. it's their blog anyway. who knows i might eat my words someday when this blogging thing sinks in to me and will eventually be a certified blog addict.

in the absence of someone to talk to, blogging enters the scene. similar to an on-line diary, you can write your thoughts without having the need for someone to listen to you. i have lots of friends i can hang out with and talk to, but i feel some things are still worth being blogged about.

so maybe the blogging world will be seeing a lot of me from now on. dunno, depending on my mood. i hope that through this i'll be able to polish my writing skills again, and restore my interest in reading and writing. pardon the flaws, i'm still getting the hang of it.

to me, welcome to the blogging world!!!


Ishna Probinsyana said...

yiheee. yeheeeesss naman. welcome denz@ ang gwapo mo naman. ang ganda pa ng blog mo. :|

denz d menz said...

hahaha alam ko na ibig mong sabihin hehehe!