Thursday, April 24, 2008

am i a dog in my past life?

this perplexing thought has come upon me as i was bonding with my japanese spitz. am i a dog in my past life? maybe too much bonding i'm having with my cuddly canine, or perhaps my "past" starts to connect with me, lead me to this thought.

anyway, before i chew on my shoe, these reasons made me think of such:

1. i tend to become too attached with people. dogs can be arrogant at first but once it has become used to someone's presence, they become attached to the person.

2. i am loyal. once you become my "master", you will have my unwavering loyalty. count on me thru thick and thin.

3. being too playful by nature. seldom do i take things seriously. for me, everytime is playtime. even if i appear dead serious, even if some people think i'm a worrier, bitt.. err, let's leave it at that. i'm playful. hit me with the ball and i'll hit you back. then hit you back again. and again and again 'till your patience runs out drought-dry. i may be serious but one can never know what's running on in my mind.

4. a dog's love and compassion for his master is incomparable. their sincerity towards their human friend is one of the most unquestionable, genuine and long lasting than any other relationships between humans and animals. my sincerity goes not only for my friends but also to other people.

well at least dogs are lovable. so am i. *whines* being compared to a dog ain't a bad idea at all.

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