Thursday, May 8, 2008

elementary reunion 3: success and fun-filled as usual!

last april 29, we held our third reunion with our elementary classmates at gerry's grill and starbucks at the bluewave mall. it was a bit more special since it was the first time two of our classmates abroad confirmed their attendance. being one of the organizers, richelle and i originally planned it on a weekend so we can spend more time even until the wee hours of the morning. but since the balikbayans' schedules would only allow the 29th where they can make it, so it was set as it is.

my classmate/cousin rexon (from papua new guinea) and francis (US navy) were both much too excited for the event. we had long chats through the net about this event and i can really feel their excitement and longing for their former classmates.

i arrived at the meeting place a little past 7 pm. another reunion first time attendee cinderella (who by the way prefers to be called just cindy) was already there waiting and was about to leave. good thing i arrived early and we just waited for the others to come. bryan, angelo, richelle and the others started to arrive one by one shortly after.

as we were ushered to our table, the thrill of the get-together is clearly felt. updates, exchanging of numbers and non-stop laughter was everyone's contribution. lucky me, i had a porcelain keychain pasalubong from richelle who just came from germany for a work-related trip. that's our little secret. i'm the only one who got a pasalubong. hehehe. but she brought a gummy cola for everyone, also from germany.

rexon texted richelle that he would arrive at about 9 pm. so we started ordering food, since the balikbayans promised to shoulder the bill. at around 9 pm, richelle got a text message from rexon. she went outside to look for him as we anticipated for his appearance. richelle then got back with an envelope and a startling news. inside the envelope was a letter printed from an email. rexon couldn't make it. he's still in papua new guinea and was unsuccessful boarding a plane since he was just a chance passenger. gahd, the day before the reunion we were chatting and decided to talk about other stuff when we meet up. he just asked his cousin to bring the letter and quite an amount of money for the food, and some starbucks coffee. lol.

and so we continued with our merry-making despite what happened. i jokingly quipped that the amount he sent us was enough for another round of beer buckets plus some take home food. after seeing that no more classmate would come, we took photos for souvenirs.

we were prompted by the restaurant staff that they are about to close so some of us called it a night. some went to the hospital to visit a highschool friend who was about to give birth, while some, i included, trooped down to starbucks nearby. we talked about future plans, reunions, and other stuff. i think that with the cooperation and enthusiasm of our classmates, there would sure be more get-togethers to come.

on my part, whenever we have this kind of gathering, it makes me thankful that we have reached where we are right now. i find it rather funny to look at my classmates now then imagine who they were and what they look like years back. oh those were the days...

went home at past 1 am.

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