Friday, March 27, 2009

acrophobia and footbridges

so let me start by admitting i have this very very intense fear of heights (acrophobia).

in malls, even in school, i refrain from going near the railings of the corridors lest i might, or SURE WILL, get off-balanced or get dizzy. dunno, even if i have the urge to overcome it, my legs get really shaky and my palms sweaty whenever i try to get close to what seems to me an endless, bottomless pit. that's probably why i don't enjoy mall shows. haha!

last week, me and my friend went to MOA and decided to go to market market afterwards. at the corner of edsa and taft ave., we alighted from the jeepney and took the footbridge to mrt taft station.


my knees started to tremble as we climbed the footbridge and sweat started to drip. the hell with MMDA for making it with open view steps. i hate the fact we "acrophobians" have to suffer everytime we use these footbridges. do we have to suffer the burden for being law-abiding citizens? lols. they should've made it a cemented and roofed footbridge instead.

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