Saturday, January 3, 2009

goodbye 2008, hello 2009!

new year. new beginnings.

looking back at 2008, i find it futile to have regrets. many things have happened, so many changes and challenges. the blessings are plenty and i'm just thankful that i was able to survive another year to see 2009 with greater optimism.

there are so many things to be thankful for for the past year. good health for me and my family, stable career, new friends, travelled places and everything. what a lucky being i am indeed. hopefully others were able to be thankful also for the blessings they received, be it big or small, just for the fact that they survived 2008 is already something to be thankful for.

for this year, i am just hoping that everything will turn out just right and probably better than the past year. hopefully i can iron out some misunderstandings with people close to my heart. for this year i am also looking forward to some greater opportunities in different aspects.

with help from God and a positive outlook, i know everything will be a breeze.

facing 2009 head on!


Ishna Probinsyana said...

At sana maginf stronger pa ang relationship naten. Hahahahahhaahah!!!! =)))

dennis said...

strong naman e, kaw lang tong mahilig mamangka sa dalawa't kalahating ilog. wahaha!