Tuesday, July 29, 2008

fhm philippines' 100 sexiest women

guess who just got kissed by lady luck last july 17? hehehe... i must admit i'm near-sighted but believe me when i tell you i didn't put on my eyeglasses on this one.

together with some friends we attended this year's fhm party themed "fhm underground". it was graced by the some of the country's sexiest celebrities as voted by the public (though someone beside me quipped the ballots may have been "switched" hehehe)

the show was started by different bands, i can't exactly remember the names because who would really pay attention to them when you are surrounded with gorgeous models? people were quite busy having their photos taken with these models. after the bands, the models of the different sponsors of the event started strutting out where again, their chance to be featured in the magazine lie in the hands of the text voters.

then came the main event... after hearing the sultry and sexy voice of host and this year's 25th sexiest, asia agcaoili, the venue was drowned with thundering screams and cheers of the wild audience.

then as the 100 sexiest were revealed one by one and some actually made it to the show, the crowd even got wilder, especially when they started walking down the ramp and posed sexily to the delight of the masculine-dominated crowd. asia agcaoili was a constant attention getter with her ultimately revealing "outfit", if you can still call it that. present at the event were fhm toppers katrina halili, jenny miller, alessandra da rossi, hazel ann mendoza, kitty girls, gwen garci, iwa moto to name a few.

the night was capped with the revealing of this year's no. 1 in an underground themed storyline. of course it's no other than GMA's prime princess marian rivera, toppling last year's katrina halili. saying marian's beautiful would be an understatement especially if you can see her up close. though her lower back's not that... uhm, fair-skinned?... but still her over all beauty, charm and sexiness outshines through.

pigged out on seafoods at the seaside dampa after the event.

fhm 2008 100 sexiest women in the world was held at hall A of the world trade center metro manila financial center area in pasay city.


Edelweiza said...

why was i not here? lol

denz d menz said...

hahaha yeah i wonder why? were you late? lolz